Dream about Dino 2

So – I had this dream while sleeping on my couch in my new apartment in Ohio. I was by myself and honestly, a little lonely. I had a dream I was with my family and all my cousins were there and my bro – and most importantly Dino was there! Everyone – cousins, not Dino (was was staying home Like a noble Man) was planning to party and go out. Around that moment when our night party raid was beginning to become more organized I realized that my uncle has passed away. How could he be here?

It was then that I tried to come up with a question. One so sly that it would not be obvious that I am questioning his existence. I surely did not want to offend him. So, I came up with one I thought would do the job. I thought I would have him with this question. I knew for sure that this question would be sly, yet give me the answer I needed. So with my kindergarten charm I let out, “so where ya been”? Pretty sly, eh?

I must have forgotten who I was talking to… He replies with, “I’m around”. I thought I was going to get him, and he turned around and got me. I did not have my answer…or did I?

I know that my uncle Dino had a heart for God so I do believe he is still around. All our wonderful discussions around the table have left so many lasting memories and good ideals in my heart and I take them with me wherever I go. From my family and those who love me I have learned that words can make a difference, but what I saw in my Uncle Dino is that action and words that are united with integrity have the power to transform the lives of those around you. As a blessing in disguise, it took his passing for me to truly understand and appreciate his personhood. I choose to believe it is a blessing in disguise because now I am more appreciative of my family than ever before. I feel more patient and have a burden to be a great person for my family.

No matter what ideology one believes, leading a life that is focused on integrity, honor and respect – the world will become a better place. We arnt perfect, and will fail ourselves, though we must never fail to be honest and admit our wrong – and of course admit. At the same time we must be willing to defend our convictions. I challenge anyone to debate me on this matter.

Be warned, I had a good teacher ;)

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