So here are my songs…thats right all original. I write them, you listen. I try to be original. I write music about life and I dont follow the pop-trends, I follow my soul. To hear my original tunes click below

I made a drum cover to my friend Jean Baudin’s track Pheonix. If you like his stuff, check it out more on all main music channels.

Ok so my newest song! I thought of this song and recorded this all in 6 hours…Not too bad I think. I don’t care about ya’ll but I am super fulfilled.

This is a song I wrote with my friend…it seems to be a favorite among my followers so I made it available here

I wrote this song because I love my sisters!

Go. Seek. Will: This song is about going, then on your way you begin to question and seek, then after that you find your will!

Matata: It means worries, with an implicit suggestion (through the mood of the song) to let them go into bliss! I got the idea from Lion King, “Acuna Matata” – which means No Worries, but I wanted to take just the worries and make them beautiful!

The Force of Nature: This is about raw power, and that which lies inside of us all, if we can find it!

Sweet Cherry Pie: The Lovin’ Continues, is a song about sweet cherry pie and that warm feeling love gives us…if you want the version with words (me singing them) you have to email me!

Let’s Go: I wanted to write a pop/hip-hop/dancing song … so here you go!

Short Fuse

Creature – Studio Version (DEMO)

Dying Breed – Studio Version (DEMO)

Fearful Hate – Studio Version (DEMO)

Diseased – (LIVE)


Unequaled Clarity
This is my first band, and my favorite group to play with because it was so fun and easy to write music.
Plus my brother was in the band and my good friend Antonio Polazzo

Wait for The Dawn


The Jailbird Wings

The Reaper

Journey to the Sun


Jean Baudin

Jam with Jean 1

Jam with Jean 2


Almost turned into a song…

Halloween Jam Song 2011

Cover Band – Breathe (DEMO)

Castles – by Josh Zaldana (DEMO)

Studi Jam – Cover of Katy Perry: Last Friday Night (R&B Version)

Family Rendition of “I Wish You Love”, sung by my late Aunt Mary


2 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I really like your hip hop song. It was the only one I listened to so far. I like the vocals on it too. The vocals really compliment the music.

    Way to go!!

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