Dream about Dino 2

So – I had this dream while sleeping on my couch in my new apartment in Ohio. I was by myself and honestly, a little lonely. I had a dream I was with my family and all my cousins were there and my bro – and most importantly Dino was there! Everyone – cousins, not Dino (was was staying home Like a noble Man) was planning to party and go out. Around that moment when our night party raid was beginning to become more organized I realized that my uncle has passed away. How could he be here?

It was then that I tried to come up with a question. One so sly that it would not be obvious that I am questioning his existence. I surely did not want to offend him. So, I came up with one I thought would do the job. I thought I would have him with this question. I knew for sure that this question would be sly, yet give me the answer I needed. So with my kindergarten charm I let out, “so where ya been”? Pretty sly, eh?

I must have forgotten who I was talking to… He replies with, “I’m around”. I thought I was going to get him, and he turned around and got me. I did not have my answer…or did I?

I know that my uncle Dino had a heart for God so I do believe he is still around. All our wonderful discussions around the table have left so many lasting memories and good ideals in my heart and I take them with me wherever I go. From my family and those who love me I have learned that words can make a difference, but what I saw in my Uncle Dino is that action and words that are united with integrity have the power to transform the lives of those around you. As a blessing in disguise, it took his passing for me to truly understand and appreciate his personhood. I choose to believe it is a blessing in disguise because now I am more appreciative of my family than ever before. I feel more patient and have a burden to be a great person for my family.

No matter what ideology one believes, leading a life that is focused on integrity, honor and respect – the world will become a better place. We arnt perfect, and will fail ourselves, though we must never fail to be honest and admit our wrong – and of course admit. At the same time we must be willing to defend our convictions. I challenge anyone to debate me on this matter.

Be warned, I had a good teacher ;)

Dream About Dino 1

So – I was on my way to Ohio, driving non-stop from my family in the San Francisco bay area. It was such a great ride. I was on a mission – so time was not boring. How could I be? As I embarked on my journey to start my first job as a fresh college grad, every turned brought adventure and a new facet to my living dream.

Unknowingly, during sleep I would also have an addition to my journey. While I was sleeping at a truck stop (probably somewhere in the middle Wyoming or Nebraska) I had a dream about my family.

The setting was Greek Easter – for the non-Greeks that means a really big family celebration filled with joy and laughter. The main characters were my Aunt Margie, my late and great Uncle Dino and myself. Dino was cutting the lamb like he always does (such is a role for a noble man of integrity), and Margie and I were around him socializing with no specific aim. As time passed, my Uncle Dino cut the ankle bone. This was significant for some reason as it seemed this piece of meat was meant to go to a noble person – at least it was depicted that way in my dream.

My Uncle Dino looks at me and begins to toss it to me (what an honor)… Sike! Last second he reverses the toss over is should, like a Magic Johnson no-look pass, right to my Aunt Margie. With a big smile on his face he gives me a wink, as if to imply “next time”.

…I’m waiting!